Accessing your account

You should have a username and password for accessing our services. These services include our Student Information System, Blackboard, and Student Email.

A username is assigned to all college applicants and employees. Look up your username here.

You can apply to your college online.

To more securely protect your information, passwords must be changed every six months. If you have not logged in to MyVCCS in the past six months, your password may have expired and will need to be reset. Reset your password here.

If you have forgotten or do not know your password, reset your password here.

SIS account access is disabled when there are too many incorrect login attempts. This "lock-out" feature protects your account from being accessed by someone else. You can unlock your account and re-enable your access by resetting your password.

Unlock your account by resetting your password.

If your secret question does not work when you are resetting your password, contact your college help desk for assistance. The secret question feature protects your account from someone who might have access to your other information.

Contact your college

It can take up to 10 minutes for a changed password to be accepted by the different services (SIS, Blackboard, and e-mail). If ten minutes have passed and your new password has not taken effect, then you may have a problem with your internet connection or your browser. Please confirm that your browser is supported on our services.

Please try to login with your new password on another computer. If that does not work, contact your college.

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